• 12 September 2018

By: trustindoutama
Team work booth camp Manager

Bedugul danau Buyan, 29-30 Juni 2018
Starting with Friday prayers at AL Navy Base Mosque, then we gathered in front of the Trustindo office and President Director's greeting as well as the Manager team work booth camp to Bedugul for Training.
This training explores Personal Potential Power with methods in the Outdoor Activity, by camping facilities and cooking meals for participant. And occasionally the Programme is delivered in the lecture, role play, games, discussion and Myers-Birggs Type Indicator (MBTI) test.
There are 9 participants and 3 instructors consisting of; David Djasman, Slamet Hidayat and Nyoman Winada.
A frightening and boring program is guard duty outside the camp, to make sure our area is safe. Moreover, the temperature conditions that are always cold at altitude in Bedugul, but we all run program it with serious but relaxed, enjoy ...
It is expected that Trustindo has a Reliable, Creative and Innovative Manager.

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Trustindo currently has a bulletin that will be published every four months, with the name is TRUSTnews. TRUSTnews is a communication between the company and employees and companies with clients, as well as being Trustindo's branding in Bali. TRUSTnews is expected to be a learn for employees. Learning culture can make attitudes, skills and knowledge increase. Currently TRUSTnews is the second edition, hopefully TRUSTnews can be published for the future and has the best articles. ...

New Comer Class (NCC) Cleaner

Monday to Saturday, 6 days of training. NCC Cleaner is every time and lasts for 6 days. Trustindo always does everything at all times for new project, replacements turn over & resigns, and the existing cleaner has not attend in the 7 Basic Housekeeping (7BHK) training. NCC Cleaner has a material syllabus; introduction of company profiles, basic rules of employee discipline & grooming, chemical knowledge, consumables & machinery, Standard Operating Procedure building cleaning, occupational safety & security standards. This NCC Cleaner is carried out in theory, demo, practice and... practice ... practice repeatedl...